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ADDED 2000 NEW LAKES !!! Over 10000 Lakes with depth contours in USA and Canada.
Download on your device the Aqua Lake Map vector and raster maps for the area of your interest and use them OFFLINE like a real Marine ChartPlotter.
NO INTERNET CONNECTION is needed once the map is downloaded on your device.

Aqua Map Minnesota Lakes (viewer)

1903 of most important Minnesota Lakes from the local Department of Natural Resources.

Aqua Map Wisconsin Lakes (viewer)

Largest 150 Wisconsin Lakes from the local Department of Natural Resources.

Aqua Map Michigan Lakes (viewer)

530 of most important Michigan Lakes from the local Department of Natural Resources.

Aqua Map Texas Lakes (viewer)

Best 107 Lakes in High Resolution for Texas from the Texas Water Development Board.

Aqua Map New York Lakes (viewer)

250 of the largest New York Lakes from the local Department of Environmental Conservation.

Aqua Map Florida Lakes (viewer)

197 largest lakes in Florida, including Okeechobee and St.Johns River.

Aqua Map Ohio Lakes (viewer)

Largest 113 lakes for Ohio from the local Department of Natural Resources.

Aqua Map Oklahoma Lakes (viewer)

Most famous 51 lakes for Oklahoma from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Aqua Map New Hampshire Lakes (viewer)

621 lakes for New Hampshire from the New Hampshire's Statewide GIS Clearinghouse.

Aqua Map Maine Lakes (viewer)

1275 lakes for Maine from the Maine Office of GIS.

Aqua Map Connecticut (viewer)

Best 136 lakes for Connecticut from the Connecticut's Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.

Aqua Map Iowa Lakes (viewer)

Best 105 lakes for Iowa from the Iowa State University GIS Support and Research Facility.

Aqua Map North Dakota (viewer)

223 lakes for North Dakota from the North Dakota Game & Fishing Department.

Aqua Map Montana Lakes (viewer)

782 lakes for Montana from the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Aqua Map Washington (viewer)

Best 238 lakes for Washington from the Department of Ecology State of Washington.

Aqua Map Indiana Lakes (viewer)

Selected 88 lakes for Indiana from the local Department of Natural Resources.

Aqua Map Massachusetts Lakes (viewer)

Best 135 lakes for Massachusetts from the Department of Fish & Game.

Aqua Map Vermont Lakes (viewer)

Selected 82 lakes for Vermont from the Watershed Management Division.

Aqua Map Kansas Lakes (viewer)

Largest 69 Kansas lakes from Kansas Biological Survey.

Aqua Map Missouri Lakes (viewer)

Selected 52 lakes for Missouri from the Department Of Natural Resources.

Aqua Map Nebraska Lakes (viewer)

Best 119 Nebraska lakes from Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Aqua Map Oregon Lakes (viewer)

Selected 81 lakes for Oregon from the Atlas of Oregon.

Aqua Map South Dakota Lakes (viewer)

Largest 91 South Dakota lakes from South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.

Aqua Map Delaware Lakes (viewer)

Selected 32 lakes for Delaware from the Fish & Wildlife Division.

Aqua Map Illinois Lakes (viewer)

Largest 99 Illinois lakes from the University of Illinois.

Aqua Map New Jersey Lakes (viewer)

83 New Jersey lakes from the Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Aqua Map Mississippi Lakes (viewer)

Best 63 Mississippi lakes from Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks.

Aqua Map Pennsylvania Lakes (viewer)

Selected 20 lakes for Pennsylvania from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Aqua Map Rhode Island Lakes (viewer)

91 Rhode Island lakes/ponds from the Deparment of Environmental Management.

Aqua Map Alberta (Canada) Lakes (viewer)

Best 210 lakes for Alberta (Canada) from the Alberta Geological Survey.

Aqua Map British Columbia (Canada) Lakes (viewer)

Selected 112 lakes for British Columbia from the Ministry of Environment.

Aqua Map Saskatchewan (Canada) Lakes (viewer)

Best 186 lakes for Saskatchewan (Canada) from the Government of Saskatchewan.

Aqua Map Nova Scotia (Canada) Lakes (viewer)

Best 92 lakes from the Province of Nova Scotia.

Aqua Map Ontario (Canada) Lakes (viewer)

More than 1730 lakes with depth contours for Ontario (Canada) from the Government of Ontario, Minitry of Natural Resources and Canadian Hydrographic Service.

Aqua Map Yukon (Canada) Lakes (viewer)

Selected 105 lakes for Yukon province.

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