App choice simplification

"What Aqua Map app should I buy?"

Many time the user asked for this question because when he entered "Aqua Map" on the AppStore search, two apps very similar were listed:
Aqua Map USA (to pay) and Aqua Map (free).

The reason behind this was to have one app available for each iOS market score list: the paid and free.

This caused more troubles than benefits and so we decided to remove the paid app and leave only the free version.

No worry Aqua Map USA users! Thru our GEC Account system you will be able to transfer in few steps your current Aqua Map USA purchases to the Aqua Map free version.

1) Register your GEC Account, if you have not yet it done, here or from the app (see below points 2 and 3 and select register)
2) Open your Aqua Map USA app
3) Tap on the lower right gear wheel to open the Setting page and select the GEC Account login item
4) Login with your registered credential. This step will record your Aqua Map USA purchase into your GEC Account(**)
5) Install the Aqua Map free app here:
6) repeat points 2,3,4 from this new app. Once logged you will get into this app all the Aqua Map USA purchase(**).


(**) All your purchases will be transferred to the GEC Account, but there is a limitation about the subscriptions. If you bought a subscription than it is linked to the app you purchased it from, in this case the Aqua Map USA.
Disable the subscription renewal from the Aqua Map USA and, once expired, purchase the new subscription from the new Aqua Map free app.

NOTE: Before you decide to remove the Aqua Map USA from your device, you would like to move your user data (markers, routes, tracks, photos) from the Aqua Map USA into the Aqua Map free. Select from the old app all your user data and SHARE them to the new one (you can share multiple user data at the same time)

For any problem contact us.

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