Live Sharing (currently iOS only)

The Live Sharing is a functionality that allows a user to share his navigation and boat information among all the people belonging to the Aqua Map community. When you enable this function you will be able to see on the map all the currently active Aqua Map users, their My Boat info and their current navigation info (position, speed, course and (if available) depth and wind).
NOTE: currently this functionality is available only on the iOS version but the Android version is coming soon.

Live Sharing Setting page

From the general Settings page you can open the Live Sharing main page; here you have access to the main Live Sharing parameters, to your shared data and to the list of Aqua Map users currently connected to the Aqua Map community.

At the top of this page you have the switch to enable/disable the whole Live Sharing functionality.
NOTE: To enable this functionality it is mandatory to explicitly approve the GEC Account Privacy Policy.

Live Sharing enable/disable

Then you have 2 options to define what to see on the map.

Live Sharing options

Then you have a choice that impact when the App send your data to the Live Sharing server.

Live Sharing send in backgrouns

If you enable this option the App will continue to send the data to the server even if you close the App (put in background). This option does not impact how you receive the data (when in background you do not receive data) and has a very small impact on the amount of cellular data used.

The second part of the page contains all the currently available Aqua Map community info.

The first row (light Magenta) represent the data that you are currently sharing with the Live Sharing function. Substantially what the other users see about you.

Live Sharing own details

Then you have a switch that allow to select what to see in the list.

Live Sharing list switch

Finally you have the list of all the users (filtered accordingly to the above switch).

Live Sharing list

Here for each row you have the following info (and you can do the following actions): NOTE: the color of the row indicates if the user is active or not (light yellow = favorite active; light blue = user active).

Live Sharing user details page

You can open the Live Sharing user details page in 2 different ways:
This is the Live Sharing user details page:

Live Sharing user details page

In this page you have: From the bottom menu you can:

Live Sharing on the map

Once you activate the Live Sharing function you will have on the screen (accordingly to your "Map Symbol" settings) all the received Live Sharing users.
The icon you see depends on the type of user: In the center of the icon you will have the selected user avatar (or a defult one if the user has not selected one). When zooming in, the name of the boat (or the Captain name if the boat name is missing) or the username (if both other names are missing) will appear below the icon.

When tapping on a Live Sharing icon on the map you get a dedicated popup:

Live Sharing box

Here you can Highlight (or unhighlight) the user using the Highlight toggle button or you can get the user Live Sharing details page (see above) using the Information button. As always tapping on the popup center you will access the list of all the objects near the position you selected.

On the map it will be present also Live Sharing box, just above the GPS Box, showing in realtime the main Live Sharing info:

Live Sharing box

Here you can see from left to right: the Live Sharing icon, the number of active users in the world (if you selected the "All" option in the "Show on map" switch), the Favorite icon, the number of active Favorite users in the world, an arrow pointing to the Highlighted user (red arrow), if there is not an highlighted user (as in the above image) to the nearest active Favorite (yellow arrow) and if you do not have any Favorite active user to the nearest active user (not Favorite).
NOTE: tapping on this box you will access directly to the Live Sharing settings page.

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