Aqua Map Master 2.0

Welcome to the new Aqua Map Master!

Aqua Map Master (for iOS and Android) is the container for all the new and future advanced navigation features that will be implemented for the Aqua Map product.

External devices integration through the NMEA and Signal-K, AIS, Route Explorer 2.0 (new), the USACE Surveys service and now also US Coast Guard Lights List and LNM (Local Notice to Mariners).

Aqua Map Master is available for both iOS and Android.

Add Aqua Map Master subscription (14 days free trial) on top of your existing Aqua Map charts product to begin the transformation of your smartphone into a full functional chartplotter.
See below for details.

AIS (Automatic Identification System)
for both iOS and Android

Connect your AIS device to Aqua Map and show on the map all the other boats nearby.
For each boat you will be able to display its name, distance, direction and time to collision.

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WiFi Connections
for both iOS and Android

Connect via WiFi all your NMEA0183 and Signal-K devices to the Aqua Map application.
AIS, depth sounder, wind sensor, external GPS, compass directly on your Aqua Map display.

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Route Explorer 2.0
for both iOS and Android

Find all hazards, alerts, locks, bridges, marinas, anchorages and fuel stations along your route/track.
Plan in advance where to stop for fueling, the best time for a bridge approach and highlight all the hazards along the route/track. Aqua Map is now able to navigate a track, not only a route. Turn your track into your turn-by-turn route for the next trip.

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Route Explorer

USACE Surveys service
for both iOS and Android

40.000 USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) surveys integrated and updated every week, to show you the best route in complex areas.

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USACE Surveys

US Coast Guard Lights List and Local Notice to Mariners (LNM)
for both iOS and Android

Over 54K lights, buoys and beacons (mantained by the USCG) daily updated with Local Notice to Mariners.

Shoaling, Dredging, Events, Advance Notices and other General notices to mariners updated weekly, all available in your Aqua Map app.

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