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Carolyn Shearlock - Aqua Map

February 13, 2019 by Carolyn Shearlock

Aqua Map is, quite simply, the best route-planning and navigation app that I have found, at least for the east coast of the US and the Bahamas. I would assume that it’s equally good in other places but I can’t speak from first-hand experience.


Planning our trip to the Bahamas, I knew that I wanted a way to get Active Captain data overlaid onto our charts. And last week I wrote about how I’d figured out how to do it.

Now, one reason that I’ve liked our Garmin charts is that they use Explorer chart data for the Bahamas. Well, Garmin just bought out Navionics and will be using Navionics chart data for the Bahamas in the future. Right now, they say that it’s with the g3 charts and g2 are still Explorer chart data. Most cruisers will agree that Explorer charts are more accurate than Navionics for the Bahamas.

I learned about Garmin switching to Navionics about a day after I posted that article about how to get Active Captain onto Garmin charts. And while we’re still okay as we have a g2 chart, I’m completely convinced that Navionics data won’t eventually be used on them and I’ll lose the Explorer Charts data when I update my Garmin charts...more

Jeffrey Siegel - Aqua Map's new anchor alarm addition

Aqua Map's new anchor alarm addition...(long posting)

When an update to DragQueen was not going to be made, I starting looking at other anchor alarm apps to see if they'd adopt some of the features that made DragQueen work well. Along that path, the Aqua Map developers approached me about helping them add an anchor alarm to their app. This was both wonderful and unexpected. It would mean that we could have a great functioning anchor alarm over real nautical charts. I also wanted the next app to have tracking at anchor to give a visual representation of where the boat had been through the circle to help decide if the current gust was pushing the boat to a new limit or if the boat had already been at the position. That instant visual provides confidence about your immediate situation.....more

Bob423 - - Aqua Map Tips - Make the Charts Look the Way You Want

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Aqua Map Tips - Make the Charts Look the Way You Want

Aqua Map Marine was the first app with support for the new Garmin Active Captain API and many are switching over. It can function as a full-time chartplotter but some have asked for help on personalizing the map display so I thought I would write a short guide. The app is available for both Apple and Android products with the Apple products fully supporting Active Captain and the Android version not far behind (June). This article will focus on getting the charts to look the way you want.

When Aqua Map is first loaded, you have the choice of either Colorful or Standard map style. In Colorful, the colors are very saturated but in Standard, the colors are not as bright. Most in the US prefer the Standard display but you can choose either. I've also included screenshots of Garmin Bluechart Mobile since it was a favorite of many cruisers for the chart display. The charts are based on NOAA ENC digital charts and are updated every three months at no further charge for the US at a one-time payment of $20 (lifetime updates)....more - Active Captain Community app support

ActiveCaptain Community app support

by Ben Stein · Published May 31, 2018 · Updated February 12, 2019

On May 23rd Garmin shut down the old way of distributing ActiveCaptain (AC) data and turned on the new ActiveCaptain Community (ACC) servers. All the mobile apps, charting programs and MFDs programmed to work with AC stopped updating — and, in some cases, stopped showing AC points of interest (POIs) altogether — unless they had been newly modified for ACC. In the table below I’ve tried to show what’s going on, but you’ll see that the number of products currently able to display and edit ACC POIs is pretty small. Hopefully, more blue checks will soon be added, and that’s why this entry is definitely “subject to change.”....more

Waterway Guide (Bob Sherer aka Bob423) - 14 iPad Navigation Apps Evaluated

14 iPad Navigation Apps Evaluated

Date Posted: 2018-03-13

Source: Bob Sherer

Editor’s Note: In this assessment of mobile navigation apps, Waterway Guide contributing editor Bob Sherer (aka Bob423) purchased 14 apps and spent several months on his vessel evaluating each one. This article provides a detailed overview of the apps with links to additional information embedded throughout. Visit Bob's blog here:

Scenario: I got a late start due to rain in the morning, so Ann and I rushed everything together and shoved off from the Jacksonville free dock on Sister’s Creek headed to Fernandina. I had just downloaded a new iPad navigation app but with no routes. I knew that the passage through the Fernandina shallows was difficult due to all the unmarked shoals so I opened Waterway Explorer with Safari on my iPad and searched for Fernandina. Two Nav Alerts came up. I chose one and saw a route available for download in GPX format. I tapped on the route, which then gave me the choice of which app to use and voila! I had a route to follow with 9 MLW! Fernandina was a piece of cake after that. Along the way I saw a sailboat in the famous shoal by R2 and another one that ignored G1A and G1B that was also aground. I had no problem. The cost of the app was peanuts compared to a tow.....more

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