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2021, July 16th

Climb with the Waves, Breathe with the wind, Love your passion, and Live the Next adventure.

Barcolana, the largest and the most visited sailing regatta in the Mediterranean held annually in the Gulf of Trieste, Italy.

It gathers around 2,000 boats (for which it is dubbed as the most crowded regatta), 25,000 sailors and 250,000 spectators.

It all started 50 years ago, in 1969, when 51 sailing boats lined up on the startline for the first edition, with one only requirement: to have a sailing boat! Now Barcolana has grown in stature and welcomes competitors from all over the world in a party atmosphere to celebrate the spirit of sailing together. Sailors compete for the Barcolana Trophy, and many others, in a 15-mile four-sided fixed buoy course.

Photo Flickr: Luana Spagnoli (year 2009)

The America’s Cup, is considered the pinnacle of nautical regattas.
One of the oldest and best-known trophies in international sailing competition. Born during the Hundred Guinean Cup on August 20, 1851, when a syndicate of New York businessmen, sailing the schooner America across the Atlantic Ocean for the World’s Fair in England, won the Cup. It has since become known as the America's Cup.
Every four years, teams compete for the oldest international sporting trophy on yachts representing the cutting edge of yacht design and technology.
This is a magnet for the most talented sailors in the world. It is notoriously difficult to win.
The match races take place between two sailboats: one from the yacht club that currently holds the trophy (known as the defender) and the other from the yacht club competing for the cup (the challenger). Throughout its history, the America's Cup has enthralled industry leaders and royalty.
Brilliant minds and the most ambitious and successful businessmen in the world. From tea merchant Sir Thomas Lipton, to the Aga Khan, from media tycoon Ted Turner, and Harold S. Vanderbilt to the Prada Pirelli team with its wonderful Luna Rossa team.

Photo Flickr: William Newton (year 2013)

Rolex Fastnet Regatta
Started in 1925, it is held every two years in August and is one of the longest and most demanding offshore sailing regattas in the world. The race is for professional sailors, but it also attracts leisure sailors. It is the largest ocean regatta in the world, with a series of mind-boggling boats.
Race 608 miles from Cowes on the Isle of Wight to Fastnet Rock on the southern tip of Ireland and back to Plymouth.
Racing hasn't gotten any easier over the years and remains a true test of sailing prowess, with both the inshore and offshore know-how needed to win.

Photo Flickr: Martin Hesketh (year 2017)

Volvo Ocean Race: the biggest sailing around-the-world challenge.
The Ocean Race is a world sporting competition where sailors test the limits of human ambition and performance.
A real marathon. The teams race through the most extreme points of the planet and touch iconic cities on 6 continents.
Since 1973 an unparalleled human adventure.
Every three years, the hardest and longest regatta in the world. 12 editions, almost nine months for each edition and half a million miles, with extreme temperatures ranging from -15 of the Southern Ocean to 45 degrees of the equator.
At the intersection of human adventure and world-class competition, the race is won on the water; not at the design stage.
No cash prizes for winners, “just” your name engraved on one of the Volvo Ocean Race Trophy silver rings…very prestigious prize for sailors.

Photo Flickr: Bego Paterna (year 2014)

Vendèe Globe: a journey beyond the seas and into oneself.
To date, the largest sailing regatta in the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance. Each competitor must navigate alone and continuously around the planet.
The race takes place every four years. It starts and ends in Les Sables d'Olonne on the French Atlantic coast, without the possibility of docking or external assistance (under penalty of exclusion).
A man or a woman, the world and a boat.
Born from the idea of a navigator Philippe Jeantot who in 1989 introduced the concept of a new race around the world…a non-stop race around the world. On November 26, 1989, therefore, thirteen sailors began the first edition and the regatta lasted three months.
In eight editions, the Vendée Globe involved 167 contenders, but only 89 managed to cross the finish line.
A planetary voyage between the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean, fraught with danger, with a high risk of frosts, huge waves and heavy skies that put great sailors under pressure, but face every challenge head-on to move forward before giving up.

Photo Flickr: Richard Tanguy (year 2014)

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