New Web Service available: "Show your users the way to approach your Marina from the sea". Add Aqua Map Nautical Charts viewer to your website's "Locate us" page.

Viareggio (LU) - Italy - 4th February 2015

Several Marinas highlighted the need to show their position over a Nautical Chart on their website. The classic Road map is not enough for captains who need to reach the Marina water-side.

Today we released on the market this new Aqua Map Web Service for all those who would like to show a Nautical Chart on their website (for copyright reasons currently available only for USA, Brazil and New Zealand).


For those a bit more techie, this service is represented by an "HTML iFrame" that you can integrate on any page of your website with just a copy & paste operation.

The service will be available in two versions: Paid and Free, both will require a registration on our website.

(*) Available for USA, Brazil and New Zealand
(**) In the setup phase the Marina will be able to add pictures and customize the map to show one or more of the ActiveCaptain POI categories: Marinas, Anchorages, Hazards, and Local Knowledge.

Check a sample demo here:

The Paid service price is USD 199 (free for ActiveCaptain sponsors) + 99 USD/year for the next years.

For more information, please contact us at:


Aqua Map Team